Automate your developer workflow

Programmatically define and run workflows to connect configuration management, source code management, build, continuous integration, continuous deployment and communication tools.

"It's like IFTTT (if-this-then-that) for Dev and DevOps"
What? is a simple way to automate developer workflows by defining them programmatically using the syntax and running them using the Server.


Suppose you use Github for source code management, and Heroku for hosting. When you merge code into the master branch of the skierkowski/hello repo it is ready for deployment to Heroku's 'hello' app. We want the deployment to happen automatically.

This workflow can now be described using the syntax like this:

listen 'github::push', repo:'skierkowski/hello#master' do |repo|
  run 'heroku::deploy', content:repo.content, app:'hello' do |deploy|
    success "Deploy complete, revision #{deploy.revision}"

Now you just have to start the server and this workflow comes to life. The Server will...

  • Listen for new code being merged or pushed to the skierkowski/hello master branch
  • When the push occurs, it will then deploy the contents to Heroku
  • ... And notify us of the new revision

This is just an example. also integrates with services like Gitlab, Hipchat, SSH (to run commands remotely), SCP, BitBalloon, and many more. If that isn't enough, the connectors are open source and you can add your own.

Open Source

Free Core is the core runtime and integration service which you can run on your own infrastructure and integrate with both public and private on-prem services.


Call us Pro is the enterprise-ready edition which includes integration with on-prem services, custom integration, 24/7 support, training and professional services.

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