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Factor.io Roadmap

Published 5 months

Now that we have open-sourced Factor.io Core and launched Factor.io Pro and Guru, you may be wondering what’s next. Get the word out about Factor.io Core: Factor.io Core, Pro, and Guru are launched, but a “soft-launch”. We’ve been quite about it...

Security Bug Bounty, the good, the bad, the ugly

Published 6 months

About a month ago, like any other morning, I woke up and while still in bed I checked my phone. But unlike other mornings, I had a flood emails from Exceptional about un-handled exceptions in Factor.io. It was clear to me that an intruder was looking...

Security Vulnerabilities from Bug Bounty Program

Published 6 months

A couple days we launched the Security Bug Bounty Program. Around 20 different white-hat hackers have been pounding away. Over 40 issues were reported; however, most were non-issues, low-priority, or duplicates. But there were a few that we accepted...

IFTTT/Zapier vs Factor.io

Published 6 months

When I describe the basic concept of Factor.io to a developer, they say “Oh, so it’s like IFTTT for Dev and DevOps”. As such, when I talk to developers I call it “IFTTT for Dev and DevOps”, when talking to investors I use Zapier instead of IFTTT as...

Security Bug Bounty Program

Published 6 months

We are excited to announce the Factor.io Security Bug Bounty Program. We’ve had a lot of white-hat hackers hacking away on Factor.io over the past week so we wanted to formalize the process a bit. Reward: Awesome T-Shirt These aren’t just any t-shirts...

New Mini Feature - Fixed Web Hook URLs

Published 9 months

Now you can create a new Web Hook listener in Factor.io that listens on a fixed URI that looks something like https://connector.factor.io/v0.3/2/my-hook. If you ever used the web hooks listener in Factor.io you may have noticed that the URL generated...

Docker Garbage Collector

Published 9 months

We use Docker extensively at Factor.io to power two different components. First, it is used to host Factor.io workflows. Secondly, it is used an isolated build environment for when you include things like Middleman or Jekyll builds in your workflows...

Build your own chat bot with Gitter

Published 9 months

Per request from our customers we’ve added support for Gitter.im, the Github-centric chat service. And now you can build your own chat bot with Gitter.im. What is Gitter.im? Services like Hipchat and Campfire are popular amongst developers; however...

Better than Cron

Published 12 months

Cron was first introduced in Version 7 Unix in 1979. Being 35 years old, it is no surprise that it is the de facto standard as a time-based scheduler. But there are drawbacks when it comes to it’s usage in highly distributed and highly agile environments...

10 things we did to make Factor.io more reliable

Published about 1 year

Here is what you have to know about Factor.io. It is has a distributed architecture with 8 different components. It provides a runtime to execute workflows that are defined by the user. It also takes inputs from users, in the form of variables and...

SCP Support is here!

Published over 1 year

Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is a method of copying files to a remote server via SSH. This is now available as a part of the SSH Channel in Factor.io. What does this mean? As a part of your workflow you can upload files to a remote server like an EC2...

Are dev tools becoming too much of a good thing?

Published over 1 year

There is a dev tool for that. Wherever you look there are new tools sprouting up by developers for developers. There is even a service for creating a notification bar on websites called HelloBar. We have configuration management tools like Chef and...

What we've been up to over the past couple months

Published over 1 year

The last four months have been an amazing journey in entrepreneurship. In the last five years of my life I’ve had numerous false starts with businesses. Late last year I finally decided to leave AppFog, where I was the Director of Product, so I could...

Personal Conference Number with Twilio + Dropbox

Published over 1 year

A couple years ago I got sick of conference numbers. You have to dial, then you need a pass code, and then a leader code too. This is all crazy. I just want a number I can share with people so we can have a conference call. The easiest hack I found...

Deploy like Amazon

Published over 1 year

At the AWS Summit 2013 Amazon posted these numbers on “Deployments at Amazon.com” 11.6s: mean time between deployments (weekday) 1,079: max number of deployments in a single hour 10,000: mean number of hosts simultaneously receiving a deploy 30,000...

10 Lessons learned in the first month of TechStars

Published almost 2 years

I just finished our fourth week of the Microsoft Accelerator power by TechStars. These are the top things I learned in this first month which I think might be helpful for other entrepreneurs in accelerator programs. 1. Own the intro “The intro” is...

Continuous Deployment is not Continuous Integration

Published almost 2 years

At Factor.io we are building a platform for continuous deployment. When we tell this to non-devs inevitably they ask ”Isn’t that what Jenkins, Circle-CI, Travis-CI, etc. do?” No. Continuous Integration is not Continuous Deployment. As Martin Fowler

Factor.io Joins Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars

Published almost 2 years

It was officially announced by Scott Guthrie, President overseeing Microsoft Azure, that Factor.io has joined Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure, powered by TechStars. (known to some as “TechStars Azure”) Why join the Microsoft Accelerator?

Automate your life

Published about 2 years

People who want to automate their lives come to Factor. This is an interesting lesson I learned over the past couple weeks since I announced Factor. Factor is a service to help automate and integrate the development workflow like your continuous integration...

Unix Pipes for the Web

Published about 2 years

A Unix Pipeline is a set of processes chained by their standard streams, so that the output of each process (stdout) feeds directly as input (stdin) to the next one. The Unix Pipeline was invented by Douglas Mcllroy after noticing that much of the...

Docs-Driven Development

Published about 2 years

For products which tailor to developers, documentation is one of the most important data points for deciding to use a particular library or service. For example, we used AngularJS for the development of Factor over any other MVVW framework because...

30 Second Elevator Pitch

Published about 2 years

Factor.io is a service to make it easy for developers to define and integrate their continuous deployment and integration workflow. Development teams spend over 30% of their developer resources building the process for deploying and managing their...

6 Reasons Yahoo Pipes Failed

Published about 2 years

When Yahoo! launched their Pipes platform in February 2007, it immediately sparked my interest as an incredibly promising way to get a lot done without having to implement everything from scratch. After all, like most folks, I’m always looking for...

The Motivating Problem

Published about 2 years

How failures at AppFog and Microsoft inspired me to start Factor.io